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Calling All Dog Moms….Are You Up for Love?

May 1, 2018

1. Submit a photo of your pet and/or you and your pet.
2. Tell us why you love being a pet mom!
3. Share with friends if you like!

Enter between 5/1/1 - 5/14/18 for your chance to win one of the following prizes:

First Place Winner: A $75 gift certificate to to treat your pet +

a $75 Amex gift card to treat yourself!

Second Place Winner: A $75 gift certificate

Third Place Winner: A $50 gift certificate to

Only one entry per person. Winners will be selected at Up Country's discretion on or about 5/18/18.

ENTER HERE and Good Luck!

Eight Great Reasons You Should Stop By and Shop at Dolittle’s

April 20, 2018

Ric makes sure Dolittle's carries only the best food for your pup.

In 1999 Ric Simmons made his dream a reality and opened Dolittle’s, recently named "Charleston's Best Local Pet Store.” Ric grew up with both dogs and cats developing a deep connection to them. So when it came time to choose a career path he zeroed in on what he loved most. After taking an introspective road trip with his wife, they decided to open a "crossbreed" pet boutique with both necessities and unique accessories. Today, Dolittle's is a community of pet lovers and owners who have a common goal in mind; improving their pet's lives with high-quality goods and natural pet food.

Service doesn't get more personal than at Dolittle's!

Dolittle’s will make you feel at home the minute you step through the front door. Ask for guidance, seek advice, and leave satisfied with your four-legged friend. In case you needed any more reasons to stop by, here are eight more to shop at Dolittles:

1. Need dog food, but would also like to browse the best new pet products? Dolittle’s has it all. From a  variety of food options to unique accessories made right here in the US, they’ve got you covered.

2. Love to shop for your pet, and your pet is a cat? Dolittle’s isn’t just limited to all things dog. Ric and his wife expanded their offerings to products that will satisfy cat lovers and owners too.

3. Need advice on switching your pet’s food? Dolittle’s staff are knowledgeable on all holistic offerings and solutions to any upset belly problems.

Plenty of style to choose from!

4. Live in Charleston, but spending time on Kiawah Island? Dolittle’s has a store there too. In fact, they have three locations; Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah Island.

5. Searching for a new collar, lead, or harness for your pet? Dolittle’s carries many different Up Country patterns. Some of their best selling designs are Big Bones, Seaglass, and Hearts and Flowers.


Self washes are stocked with everything you need for one clean dog!

6. Dirty pup? All three of Dolittle’s stores have self-service dog washes. Leave with a clean doggo, and your bathroom unharmed.

7. Too busy to pick up Fido’s food? You guessed it, Dolittle’s even has delivery service! Talk about convenience.

8. Love to dress up and celebrate Halloween with your furry friend? Dolittles hosts an annual Halloween Party where you can have a howling good time. They also host numerous meetup groups over the year.

The next time you are in the area be sure to stop by, say hi to Ric, and shop the latest and greatest pet in supplies. #UpCountryRetailer

A Friend to All

April 13, 2018

Brennan and Tugger.

We were saddened to hear of the recent passing of a great friend to the animal world, Brennan Clipp. Brennan was the much loved “Mommers” to Tugger of TuggerTails. She brought joy to thousands of devoted followers, detailing the fun filled antics of Tugger and his four legged siblings Tate and CC on social media. Tugger appeared in our 2017 catalog after winning our Be A Star contest, and has been an Up Country dog since he was a puppy.

Brennan’s love of animals was a huge part of her life, and Take Me Home Dog Rescue was a favorite organization that she supported in many ways. As Brennan’s family has said “We can’t think of a better way to celebrate her life’s passion than to find a good home for animals in need. Please consider the rewarding experience of adopting or fostering a homeless animal.”

To donate visit Take Me Home Dog Rescue at

A Picture Perfect Pair

February 26, 2018

Ashley and Oskar as a puppy.
Ashley Timms and her 2-year-old Chocolate Lab Oskar spend their mornings playing in the Rhode Island surf, and their afternoons exploring new hiking trails. Born in Solihull, England, Oskar chose Ashley at just 3 weeks old with a nip on the nose. The rest is history. Oskar is a typical lab that loves food, people, cuddles, and adventures. The dynamic duo loves documenting these joyful times on camera.

Ashley works at getting the perfect shot!

Ashley, an extraordinarily talented dog photographer, captures gorgeous shots of Oskar, but also photographs other dogs and the details that their owners adore about them. "I think humans can be hypercritical of themselves in images,” says Ashley. "With dogs, the owner can truly connect with the image and the emotion they feel rather than focusing on any insecurities. It's an amazing feeling to bring that connection to another human. And, of course, the images last forever so they can relive that emotion.”

Photographing adoptable dogs from the Potter League is a labor of love for Ashley.

When Ashley isn’t photographing her clients' dogs and spending time with Oskar, who she describes as the “happiest dog on earth,” she is snapping shots of adoptable pups at the Potter League to increase their chances of finding their forever homes. The Potter League is the animal shelter of Newport County, Rhode Island, and provides shelter and care for lost or unwanted companions. "They do so much for all of the animals that come into their care; it's truly phenomenal. Anyone who adopts from the Potter League gets a 10% discount off a dog portrait session.”

Every photograph tells a story that helps these pets get adopted!

As new residents of Rhode Island, Ashley had to get Oskar some new sWag, and was hoping to find something made locally. “I found Up Country's North Star collar at a shop in Newport, RI and had to get it. Oskar also rocks the Union Jack Collar to show off his British roots. The collars really suit our lifestyle of always wanting to explore. I can wash the collars whenever I need (which is often...!). I can't believe how well they hold up to all the salt water and sand!”

Oskar revels in the ocean breeze in Newport. 

These best friends live in picture-perfect (get it?) pup paradise by the sea. Follow this dynamic duo @ashleyasker or visit her website

Beautiful Brittle B.

December 11, 2017

Stephanie and Brittle B. pose for the catalog photo shoot.

Meet Brittle B., an Up for Stardom contest winner. This sweet Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix came into her owner Stephanie’s life when she worked at a local shelter several years ago. “At eight months old Brittle was kept tied outside and was signed over to the shelter nameless after she growled at a child who was pestering her," said Stephanie. "I knew she was a special little dog, so just like that, I decided to add her to my growing pack!” The first few months weren’t easy as Stephanie struggled to work through Brittle’s stubbornness; however, they quickly became best friends and remain even closer seven years later.

Brittle gets festive with one of her dozens of Up Country collars.

Today, Brittle enjoys lounging by Stephanie’s side, whether she is sewing, working on her computer, or just lounging. She loves to keep herself occupied by chewing on bones, destroying her toys, and playing tug of war with her four other canine siblings. When Brittle isn't lounging around the house, she is partying it up with Stephanie at work.  “I work at a local dog daycare, and she comes with me every day to spend time with her puppy friends. She also LOVES to go shopping at all the local pet shops and is quite popular among all the workers.” Whatever Stephanie is doing, you can find Brittle right by her side. “She is my sidekick, my co-pilot, and my best friend.”

Brittle and her "pack".

Brittle can be spotted around town in her Up Country gear, specifically in her favorite Bee collar. “We first discovered Up Country when I started working at Camp Bow Wow, and one of our pup customers always wore an Up Country collar. When I found a store that carried Up Country collars, I decided I would just get her one special collar. I chose Up Country's Scoop collar, but when the holidays came along, I knew she needed a Christmas design. Now, five years later, we have over 34 in our growing collection! I haven't found a collar company that beats Up Country, each of my dogs has certain collars they look best in.”

Brittle not only enjoys being the perfect spokes-dog for Up Country, but she is also an excellent ambassador for bully breeds, as she exemplifies what great traits they can have. She's sweet, social, loyal, and well behaved, leaving the people she meets with a positive impression. “Everyone who meets Brittle falls in love, what can I say, she's a pretty wonderful little dog!”

Brittle gets dressed up for Trick or Treating, too!

For more on this lovable, rescue advocating pup, look out for our 2018 catalog in January and find Brittle B’s Up For Stardom spotlight there!