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Life with Up Country Dog Jasper Zen

April 19, 2017

Jasper, an eight-year-old Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix, known as Life With Jasper Zen on Facebook, strives to make people smile! Jasper enjoys showing off his tricks, recommending his favorite products and making his nearly 20,000 fans chuckle daily.

Jasper came into mom Jen’s life through her childhood best friend's family. “I always wanted a dog, so when the opportunity arose, I gave it some thought, and I got him! We love to go camping and for long walks and hikes. Jasper loves to be outdoors, no matter the weather! He loves the snow even though he knows that means boots and a coat are involved.”

When Jasper takes a break from outdoor adventures, he practices his 200 different tricks and behaviors, helped along by his love of food. “He will do anything for treats, and loves to please, so training is an easy task.”

Jasper’s fans are also aware of his love for his hometown and his desire to represent it by sporting his Up Country “Oh Canada” collar. “The first time I discovered Up Country was when I was shopping online for collars. Jasper's first collar was the “Oh Canada” collar, and I loved the quality so much I purchased the matching leash and harness. Jasper loves modeling his collars and leashes around town and gets many compliments. He also rocks the Sophisticheck pattern and in the colder months the Aran Cable Sweater and Christmas Chevron print."

Check out @lifewithjasperzen on Facebook or Instagram and be amazed by this lovable sixteen-pound pup's impressive tricks and adventures! Are you an Up Country dog? Tell us all about yourself here!

Add Chez Le Chien to Your List of Reasons to Visit Paris!

April 11, 2017

Nanette and Pepsi.

Paris’s beautiful Chez Le Chien is located slightly off the beaten path not far from the Arc de Triomphe. In 2006 Nanette Dumonteil and then partner (and former Polo Ralph Lauren co-worker) decided to follow their pet loving passion and open a store they knew Parisian pet owners were missing.

Pepsi watches over the shop, located a few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe.

Pashmina, Nanette’s Labrador Flat-coat Retriever is to thank. Whenever Nanette visited the US she made it a point to shop at local pet boutiques and bring Pashmina back the latest and greatest fashion accessories. When Nanette couldn’t find the same special products in Paris, Chez Le Chien, translated as “At The Dog’s”, was born. “I give all the credit to my muse, Pashmina."

The Up Country collars are a Parisian favorite!

“Chez Le Chien has the feel of a US pet boutique; brimming with treats, beds, collars, accessories and specialty food. Many of these products are imported from the US, which allows the locals to purchase truly unique items they cannot find anywhere else in Paris. We have been carrying Up Country collars and leads since the store opened in 2006. I first saw the brightly colored collars on Nantucket and fell in love with their designs. Today, our most popular styles are the Bandana, Hearts and Flowers, and Aztec Blue. The Union Jack pattern is a favorite for soccer matches! We carry at least 30 different designs at a time.”

Chez Le Chien also displays different artist exhibits on the vast walls of the store. “During the end of April and into May a young artist who teaches children ages 8 - 10 will be bringing in the children’s dog themed work they’ve created in her class. It will be a sight to see!”


A wide selection of the finest toys, bowls, beds and more await you!

You will feel completely at home in this beautiful boutique and enjoy chatting with fellow dog enthusiasts. “I love how the contact with pet owners is so easy and natural. People adore chatting about their dogs; how they got their dog, the sadness when the dog leaves and how much love we get from our dogs every day. I love that connection.”

If you are lucky enough to be a Parisian resident or visitor, be sure to stop by Chez Le Chien and say “Bonjour” to Nanette!

Chez Le Chien

10 Rue Villebois-Mareuil, 75017

Paris, France

Meet Dachstardogs, a Quartet of Four Legged Fun!

April 4, 2017

Meet Yippy, Jonah, Gracchus and Cherry known as @dachstardogs on Instagram and Facebook. Yippy a dachshund mix, the first of this adorable crew of fun-loving Dachshunds, was rescued almost thirteen years ago and the quad’s mom Christine, was immediately hooked on the breed. Soon after Yippy came home, Christine found an excellent, reputable breeder and along came Gracchus. Seven years later Christine added Jonah and a short four years later, Cherry made the perfect quartet.

When this sweet squad isn't posing for their thousands of followers, they are exploring the outdoors or snuggling up on the couch. “I like to describe the pups like this; Yippy is my proper princess, Gracchus is ball crazy, Jonah is my sensitive soul, and Cherry is a sassy girl. They all love clicker training and learning tricks. I like to think of myself as a doggie soccer mom. My dogs partake in many activities and have titles in agility, dachshund field trials, conformation, earthdog, barnhunt, and lure coursing", says Christine.

Part of what makes this pack unique and even more adorable (if possible!) is their different styles. “We are long time Up Country fans! I used to work at Paw Prints here in Colorado when I started to collect Up Country collars. I've been collecting them for over ten years now. At the risk of sounding totally crazy, I own over 50 Up Country collars. All four pups are Up Country dogs; Cherry wears the cherry collar, (of course!) Gracchus rocks the tennis ball set, the Whale dog collar is Jonah’s signature and finally the Bella Floral for Yippy. Up Country makes it easy to match each personality with the perfect design”, Christine says.

For more on these fashionable short-legged, and long-bodied pups head over to their Instagram and Facebook pages to follow their everyday adventures. You will be sure to fall in love! 

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Get Your Style on at Muttropolis.

March 13, 2017

In 2001 Georgia and Steve Goldberg went on a quest to find their two Airedales premium pet accessories and necessities. From treats to beds to collars, Georgia was fed up with the lack of quality goods she longed to provide her pups. The solution to her problem? Georgia and Steve decided to open Muttropolis in 2002. The store, located in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, immediately became an important part of the community.

 Georgia and her right-hand gal, Head Merchant Estela supply a full range of healthy, ultra premium food while satisfying the needs of those looking for fashion apparel and bedding. The store, surrounded by a white picket fence with a quaint feel, brings in a large local clientele who are looking for new and exciting supplies for their beloved pets. “We are constantly changing out our assortment. About every two weeks we have something new for customers to browse,” says Estela.


The store was so wildly popular in the first three years of business that Georgia and her husband decided to open their second Muttropolis location in the vacation paradise village of La Jolla, California. Much like the Solana Beach location, the store offers “design-driven, yet functional dog and cat supplies, in a modern, clean setting.”

 “While we have many suppliers that help us achieve a foundation of creative design and quality products, one of our favorites is Up Country,” says Estela. “Our customers love the proprietary ribbons made in the US and the way that Up Country keeps up with new trends. There is a pattern for every personality.”


“With both stores thriving, we launched our online store in 2005 and pushed a major update last year. Our online store brings our products and know-how to the world.”

 When Georgia and Estela are not stocking the store with hand selected top quality products, they are finding new ways to help the rescue community. Both Muttropolis locations hold adoption events every weekend during the Spring and Summer months. When you adopt at either location, you will get an in-store coupon to start spoiling your new family member right away!


We asked Georgia what her favorite part of the pet business is. "It is a rewarding way to honor those who have such passion for their pets. Working with like-minded people is so gratifying because our clients and the incredible Muttropolis family have the same goals."

 Whether you are in the area or make a special trip, stop in or drop by www.muttropolis.com to browse a store that was created with you and your pet in mind!

How Bout Your Pet is the Place to be on St. Thomas

February 24, 2017

In 2003 Stacy Cohen visited the island of St. Thomas and was frustrated when she couldn’t find a souvenir for her beloved French Bulldog, Monty. Shortly after she arrived home empty handed, Stacy decided to trade her demanding law practice for a more laid back lifestyle. Inspired by her experience, 2003 Stacy opened a small boutique in Charlotte Amalie focusing on pet gifts and accessories. The store thrived and Stacy’s sister-in-law Jessica decided to move to St. Thomas and join the team.

With continued success and a great local reputation, Jessica and Stacey moved the boutique to Yacht Haven Grand. This beautiful marina is home to visiting cruise ships and locals alike. Necessities like food, treats, beds, and apparel were added to make this the pet destination on the island. Jessica says, “Our customers are divided equally, about 55% local and 45% tourists. The winter is obviously more tourist-heavy as vacationers are escaping the cold and in the summertime we see much more locals.”

"Tourists clamor for our collars, t-shirts or something the dog can wear from their trip. That is why Up Country has played such a large role since we’ve opened. We began selling the tropical Sanibel collection but soon realized that visitors were in search of a wearable that said St. Thomas or U.S. Virgin Islands. That’s when we created our first custom collar with Up Country and now we have four! Our sailboat pattern, pirate design, rasta stripe and the sea turtle design with pink and green for lady pups are all wildly popular among both tourists and locals alike.”

How ‘Bout Your Pet is also known for the wonderful events they host and sponsor. “Our Pictures with Santa event is by far our biggest. We had to expand the event over two days because so many people attend. My husband dresses up as Santa and we have dogs, cats and even some exotic animals like turtles and parrots waiting in line. Our other signature event is the Cinco De Mayo Chihuahua Race which benefits our local rotary club.” says Jessica. And if you want to host your own party look no further than How 'Bout Your Pet! “We’ve done PJ, Luau, and other themed pet parties."

The pet business is a love fest for Jessica. “I love the lifestyle it has created for me. The store brings in customers who are positive and happy, I get to work with pets and it is truly a feel-good industry. I develop an immediate connection with my customers since we all obsess about our pets. And that is true for our vendors and staff, too. My job is pure joy.”

So pack away your jackets, head off to the wonderful island of St. Thomas and stop by How ‘Bout Your Pet for the perfect souvenir!