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Two Too-Cute Cocker Spaniels Heal Two Broken Hearts

August 14, 2017

Heartbreak struck Susan and Joel Greenberg when they lost their beloved Cocker Spaniel Puddles, a month before her 11th birthday, due to cancer. “When we lost her, we couldn't breathe. We so terribly missed the sound of nails scratching against the floor, tags clanging, and of course, puppy kisses. We knew it wouldn't be long until we had another dog in the house, but at that time it was too much to bear.”


Marley strikes a pose for the camera.

After a few weeks went by Susan contacted her cousin who is involved in the New Jersey rescue scene to ask questions pertaining to adopting a rescue dog. With their questions answered, Susan and Joel decided adopting a dog was the route they wanted to pursue. However, after meeting two Cocker Spaniels a few weeks apart, both rescues realized Susan and Joel weren't ready. Then Susan stumbled upon an Animatch Dog Adoption video where she first laid eyes on Marley, who was five and 1/2-years old at the time. “Marley stole my heart right then and there; I loved him already. Two days later we went down to the rescue, signed the adoption papers and brought him home that day.”

A trying few months followed as Susan and Joel adjusted to Marley’s severe separation anxiety, preventing them from leaving him alone, ever. Their lives had to change dramatically. However, after time, trust and training, things improved little by little, and today Marley is a laid back, affectionate, eight and 1/2-year-old pup.  

Woody keeps an eye out for squirrels and anything else that he can chase!

After toying with the idea to adopt another Cocker Spaniel, it wasn't until Susan saw an Animatch volunteer and Animatch mom’s post about Woody that she knew they would soon be a household of four. “Joel and I drove close to two hours to meet him and his foster Dad, who is part of Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue. Marley then met Woody on neutral ground and got to know each other, and got along famously from the start. Woody came home on March 5th, 2016. The saying "Who Rescued Who" perfectly describes our feeling for adopting our two boys.”


Susan and Joel with their two beloved pups.

Today, the boys love watching for squirrels and rabbits out of the window, playing with their toys, frolocking in the snow, napping and cuddling up together and with their humans, visiting family and friends, and long car rides. They also love their walks, especially when they are walking side by side. Susan makes sure to document their adorable adventures and posts photos to their account known as @pudnuckers, a nickname for the late Puddles. “I've made a lot of friends through my membership in two American Cocker Spaniel groups on both Facebook and Instagram and have become aware of some excellent companies, like Up Country.”


Woody and Marley are always on the lookout for fun and adventure!

“I first discovered Up Country when we brought Marley home, and he was wearing a collar that had been donated to his rescue. When we adopted Woody, I ordered him the #Rescue collar and leash, and it is the perfect fit. We love Up Country because of the quality, the look, the feel, and of course all the different patterns. Marley and Woody are Up Country dogs as they are beyond special, and in our minds, priceless. The same way we feel about your products; they are special, soft to touch, and my boys deserve to wear special accessories; beauty for my beauties.”

Marley and Woody, the best of friends!

For more on these beloved companion pups, head over to @pudnuckers on Instagram and Susan Thaw Greenberg on Facebook. We promise this adorable duo will bring a smile to your face.

Flying High! Meet Maddie and Bella, the Madtown Flyers.

July 13, 2017

Bella and Maddie stand at attention, whether it is for a portrait or a competition!

Maddie and Bella from Madtown Flyers are taking Dock Diving, one of the fastest growing sports for dogs, by storm! These Up Country wearing athletes are highly ranked in the DockDogs World Championships and never cease to amaze their fans.

Maddie looks ready for action!

Maddie, a five-year-old Chocolate Labrador, came into her parents Eric and Molly’s lives after they had lost their beloved dogs and needed a companion for their Blue Heeler/Border Collie, Josey Wales. It was meant to be when Molly stumbled upon a reputable and responsible breeder who only had one female left. “She may have been the last but clearly the best!”

When Bella isn't winning Dock Diving competitions, she is resting in a comfy spot with her favorite toys.

Shortly after they lost Josey Wales, they went back to the same breeder and had the first pick of puppies from the same mother as Maddie, but a different father. “Bella chose me, and although Maddie didn’t love seeing Bella come home, now they love each other!”

Maddie got started competing at a local indoor facility in Colorado Springs, CO and connected with experienced local competitors in the sport who helped teach and encourage Maddie, Eric and Molly. They started locally, moved on to national events, and Bella soon followed in Maddie’s pawprints.

Molly and Eric pose with Maddie and Bella.

Maddie and Bella both compete in all three disciplines of DockDogs; Big Air, Speed Retrieve, and Extreme Vertical and combine them all to compete in Iron Dog. The competition consists of a 40-foot dock and running jumps into a 40-foot pool. Dogs of any size, breed, age or sex can compete in Dock Dogs and can choose to play in any one discipline, combination or all three. The girls both started playing in a new spin-off sport in 2016 known as Dueling Dogs and received invitations to the inaugural Dueling Dogs World Championships last year and are hoping to receive their 2017 invitations soon. Read more about Big Air®, Speed Retrieve™, Extreme Vertical™ and Dueling Dogs here.

Air Maddie thrills the crowd with her high "grab".

“When Maddie and Bella aren’t competing or playing in the water they are cuddling on the couch, floor, or bed and for Bella whatever lounge chair you occupy. They also love to hike, chase each other around our big yard, wrestle and of course retrieve!”

An athletic leap makes a winning dive!

With such an active lifestyle, it is important for Maddie and Bella to have collars that can withstand water and dirt then clean up nicely for inside wear. “I first saw the Christmas collars in a catalog and decided to buy one for Maddie. I loved it so much I began to research Up Country and noticed just how colorful and fun the designs are. They match our style, they’re durable, easy to wash, secure, and most importantly they are made in the U.S.A. Our love for Up Country has gone further than just the adorable collars; the girls also love their stylish beds that come on the road with us to keep them comfortable in between events.

We look forward to being amazed by what Maddie and Bella can accomplish and wish them luck at all of their upcoming competitions! Follow this talented duo and see where they are competing next on the Madtown Flyers social pages.

Critter Beach - A Happy Place for Pets and Their People

June 29, 2017

Tracy poses with a new customer.

Twenty-three years ago Tracy Rossetto decided to open a shaved ice store in the popular coastal destination of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. When the summer dessert business ended up falling through, Tracy scrambled to come up with a different plan. Despite some outspoken critics and concerned family members, Tracy forged ahead to open the ultimate shop for pampered pets and their humans, aptly named Critter Beach.

A wide array of bowls and treat jars are functional and attractive.

Critter Beach started out with the very basics; toys, ordinary collars, bowls, but over time the shop evolved into the designer boutique it is today. Shoppers can find the finest gourmet dog treats, durable dog toys, and U.S. made collars and leashes in the area. There is even an exclusive selection for the fancy feline!

Delicious baked treats are as beautiful as they are tasty.

When you first walk into the store, you immediately feel the local beach vibe. You are met with two huge bakery cases filled with delectable dog goodies made exclusively for Critter Beach. The store is divided into two sections; the irresistible bakery and treat area, and a full line of apparel for pets, including dresses, polo shirts, beach attire, and hats.

The Up Country display has something for everyone!

You can also find an abundance of Up Country dog collars, leads, martingales, and cat collars. “I’ve carried Up Country for over 15 years. Tourists come in to pick out nautical designs as souvenirs for their pets at home or to dress their pets up while on their beach vacation. We even carry the Up Country Oh Canada collar and the Union Jack collar for tourists visiting from those countries.” says Tracy.

Critter Beach is a pet-friendly place. Here are a few happy, friendly customers!

When asked about his favorite aspect of the pet industry, Tracy mused, “I’ve worked in many aspects of the retail industry, and the pet industry is just the happiest of places. We have customers come back year after year and make it a point to stop by, say hello and buy their pets a yearly souvenir. It is a feel-good business and a fun place where people can share stories about their best friends.”

The tastiest souvenir around!

So after enjoying the warm sunshine, sandy beaches and ocean breezes of Rehoboth Beach be sure to stop in, say hi to Tracy, and shop for the very best gourmet treats and accessories for your beloved furry friend!

Do you have a favorite Up Country retailer? Click here and let us know!

Critter Beach is located at 156 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Swim into Style with our Get Ready For Summer Sale!

June 8, 2017

Our Get Ready For Summer Sale starts Friday, June 9th. Save 15% on our best summer collars and leads in our Sanibel, Regatta and American Picnic collections. Use Code Summer17 online or give us a call at 800-541-5909 to order. Happy Summer!

TuggerTails is Living a Tuggertastic Life!

June 1, 2017

Tugger is ready for his closeup!

Tugger, the five-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever known on Facebook as TuggerTails, is more than just a handsome face. He has built an impressive resume of acting, modeling, and therapy work. Tugger also won a spot in the 2017 Up Country catalog.

Tugger and Brennan.

Tugger’s owner Brennan has always had Labradors. After losing her previous beloved Lab, Brennan received an unexpected call about a Lab litter and decided to meet the puppies. "I was set on Tugger from day one, but the breeder had another pup in mind for me. After several visits, the breeder decided the puppy I wanted was a real handful, and I would be the best owner to handle him. When I went to pick him up, I had planned to name him Tucker, but he immediately latched on to my pant leg and pulled me towards the car. I said, “Well, aren’t you a little tugger, and from that moment on he was Tugger!”

Brandon McMillan and Tugger are two cool guys!

When Brennan brought Tugger home, she realized just how special he was. She began to blog daily on the TuggerTail's Facebook page and wrote in Tugger’s voice dubbing it “TuggerTalk." The page grew very quickly and is now approaching one million fans, collectively known as TuggerTroopies. Over the course of five years, Brennan has shared their very active lifestyle with his fans including obedience, rally and agility training, tricks and canine freestyle dance. Due to Tugger’s highly biddable nature, he’s trained to take voice or hand commands for TV and modeling shoots. When he isn’t in front of the camera he is doing his best work; therapy for humans and canines. “Because of Tugger’s ability to comfort shy and timid dogs, we have fostered 22 puppies/dogs in the last three years. His unique ability even landed him on a few episodes of CBS Lucky Dog with Brandon McMillan," said Brennan.

Tugger frolics in the North Carolina surf.

Tugger and Tater Tot are the best of friends.

Tugger and his family have crossed the country coast to coast many times, allowing Tugger to swim and play on the beaches of North Carolina and California and enjoy the mountains of Colorado. A few months ago Brennan decided to double the Lab love and brought home TaterTot, Tate for short. Tate is now eight-months-old and fits nicely into the pack.

Tugger enjoys the view in Crested Butte Colorado.

With the spotlight on these media darlings, it is important they are always dressed to impress. “I fell in love with the patterns and the quality of Up Country after I purchased a collar 15 years ago. It has been in lakes, ponds, pools, oceans, dragged through the dirt, washed in the washing machine every few weeks, and still looks great, which fits our active lifestyle perfectly. I love that the Up Country products are U.S. made and there are patterns for every occasion. Tugger and Tate sport the Extra Wide Collars and people stop us several times a week to complement the duo.”

For more on these picture perfect pups check out their Facebook, Instagram and newly launched website, you might just become a TuggerTroopie!