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Treat Yourself at The Fish and Bone!

May 24, 2017

Treats are always available for passers-by at The Fish and Bone on Newbury St.

For years Kathy Palmer owned and operated a thriving restaurant in Portland Maine. What she enjoyed most about the hospitality industry was the interaction with her guests. It seemed that customers loved telling Kathy about their pet-filled adventures, so in 1998, when Kathy sold her restaurant, she followed her instincts and The Fish and Bone was born.

Nutrition is the number one focus at The Fish and Bone.

The small funky shop, originally named Fetch, opened with natural pet food and products designed to have a positive impact on animals. Over time Kathy added more and more accessories making The Fish & Bone a one stop shop for everything pet related. “Most of our customers come in for nutrition, which is what we’ve built our reputation on, while others enjoy shopping our full selection of pet accessories. During the summer months, tourists visit from around the world.”

Stylish products for pets and pet lovers!

After a decade of success, Kathy was hoping to establish another location outside of the Portland area. Every Tuesday she would research New England towns for the perfect spot. In 2010 The Fish & Bone on Newbury Street, dubbed “Boston's most enchanting street”, opened. The Back Bay location also focuses on nutrition but has boutique products that change with the season.

A fabulous selection of Up Country collars await!

“We have carried Up Country collars and leads since I opened my first shop. Up Country was already established and was always a personal go-to for me.  No one can beat the brass hardware, perfect webbing, brilliant colors and unique, fresh designs that come out yearly. I even pick out certain patterns with individual customers in mind. This year the new Donuts design has flown off the shelves.”

Commission a colorful portrait of your pet.

The Fish & Bone is also renowned for their generosity. “Our Portland store has partnered with the ARLGP and sponsors events throughout the year. We also sponsor “April Stools Day,” which is the day we opened the store in 2000. This event, dedicated to picking up after your dog, includes fun activities like an Easter egg hunt with a few lucky hidden “golden poops”. If you find the golden poop among the eggs, you win Fish & Bone gift cards, which makes it a bit more fun to participate in the not so glamorous pickup.”

Store mascot Zip is 17 years old!

Her stores have been everything that Kathy could have dreamed of and more. “People who are involved in the pet world have huge hearts. There are so many initiatives individuals can participate in, but those in the pet industry have an attachment to animals, which makes for an incredibly strong connection. In this industry, you have a friend everywhere because animals magically bring us together.”

So whether you are boating in Portland or sightseeing in Boston, be sure to stop by The Fish & Bone, grab a nutritious treat from Kathy and say hi!

In Portland: 195 Commercial St., Portland, ME 04101

In Boston: 217 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116

No One Has More Fun Than This Pack of Jacks!

May 9, 2017

Is there anything sweeter than the charismatic, affectionate and overall adorable Jack Russell Terrier? How about THREE Jack Russell Terriers who now live under one roof and are the best of friends? Alfie, Morrie, and Whitley, also known as @Pack.Of.Jacks on Instagram and Facebook, are taking social media by storm. We met Morrie when he became one of our Be A Star contest winners for this year’s catalog.

“Alfie was adopted two years ago at the age of four when I found him on a Facebook yard sale site. I know that he had a pretty rough life, but he’s come such a long way in just to two years”, said his mom Chelle. Shortly after the family had to say goodbye to their beloved first Jack Russell, Stanley, Chelle decided to bring home Morrie. “He wasn't meant to replace our Stan; he just helped to bring brightness into such a sad and dark time.” Then came Whitley! Whitley is one year old and he joined the pack when a friend of a friend could no longer make time for a puppy. “We meant to nurse him back to health and then find him a home, but he weaseled his way into our hearts, and that's how the Pack of Jacks began!”

Alfie, Morrie, Whitley all have large and very different personalities. “Alfie is ball obsessed, wherever he goes, he must take a ball with him- he even takes one to the vet. Whitley goes from calm to crazy in the snap of a finger, he loves to sit and take things in but also loves to play hard. Morrie is a sweetie and a clown, he's the perfect combination. He will welcome a snuggle any day and hilariously demands belly licks from his brothers.

The @Pack.Of.Jacks Instagram first started when Chelle rescued Stanley at a shelter at the age of 17(ish). “Stanley was crotchety and hilarious, and people fell in love with him.” Sadly, he passed away a little over a year ago, but the “Pack “lives on!

Alfie, Morrie, and Whitley display their distinctive styles with Up Country collars. “We first discovered Up Country on Black Friday 2015 at Happy Hound in Leesburg, VA. I fell in love with the tennis ball theme because of Alfie's “addiction”. We purchased the tennis ball collar and the mustache collar (for Stanley). The mustache collar hangs on my rear view in my car as a tribute to our Stan. Up Country creates designs that perfectly describes each of their personalities; for example, Morrie wore the mom tattoo collar when he was a baby because he was so attached to me. We love that you can easily find a collar to express your pup's character.”

For more on these personality-packed Jacks be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages, you are guaranteed a chuckle!


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