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Elsa the Rescue Cat

July 9, 2018

Elsa flashes those baby blues.

Over the years, our Adoption Tails initiative has introduced us to some fabulous rescue pets like Elsa. This one-year-old British Cross Persian Chinchilla was rescued when her owner, Eylül saw her picture on the internet and decided to meet her. It wasn’t until Eylül arrived that she realized just how sick Elsa was and immediately took her home to get her the medical attention she needed. Today, Elsa is happy, healthy, and enjoying life in the countryside while keeping up with her social presence on her popular Instagram account @elsathecat__. Here are 5 reasons to follow this pretty kitty, today!

1. Elsa’s Instagram channel is all about the life of a kitten who found her forever home and now lives a life of unlimited cuddles and love from her human. Is there anything better than a happily ever after story? We think not! 

2. Elsa enjoys life indoors and outdoors. Whether she is racing around the forest near her home or playing hide-and-seek indoors, you’re guaranteed to see pictures from her latest adventure.

3. Elsa’s spunky personality and kind-hearted spirit shines through, and it’s likely her posts will get a giggle out of you. 

4. Have we mentioned how beautiful her eyes are? She can immediately brighten your day with a flash of her big blue eyes. 

5. The bond between Elsa and Eylül is so relatable; you’ll want to grab your kitty for extra cuddles or head to your local shelter to find an Elsa of your own.

As Eylül says, “Our pets have incredibly pure souls, and more people should do whatever it takes to make them healthy and happy. They love us unconditionally, and we should do the same in return.” Head over to @elsathecat__ on Instagram and prepare for cuteness overload! 


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