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Tori and Lucy of Wear, Wag, Repeat.

August 28, 2018

Tori and Lucy strike a colorful pose.

Meet Tori and Lucy! This stylish dog mom and chocolate lab duo are taking the doggie world by storm. Lucy, the six-year-old Labrador, came into Tori’s life when she decided to bring a puppy home to liven her then nine-year-old lab, Lola’s adult years up. It sure did work!

Always smiling and always stylish!

Their online fame started when Tori began sharing her OOTD on Instagram, with her sidekick making regular appearances. “When I got Lucy things started to pick up because she so inspired me. I started taking more photos and posting recipes for homemade dog treats, and that's how my blog got started. Now it's grown into a multi-media brand including a podcast and online store,” says Tori. Sadly, Lola has passed, but Lucy is doing a killer job of filling her shoes… or paws.

You’ll find unique shopping discoveries, crafting activities, and pet product reviews on their Instagram Tmistick, and their website

Lucy takes a break from modelling.

On a day to day basis Tori and Lucy work closely together, meaning when Tori works, Lucy snoozes. “Around 4 pm she starts to beg for dinner, so I'll feed her and then head to the park to visit with her four-legged friends. “Lucy's a shameless beggar for food (it's a lab thing!) and is infamous at the park for making the rounds and getting treats from every person there. She's a very active (and spoiled!) dog,” says Tori.

Tori and Lucy are up for anything!

Because of her active lifestyle, she is usually sporting Up Country accessories. “Up Country collars and leashes are bright and beautiful but also strong enough to handle serious hiking, swimming, and mud which is perfect for our lifestyle. No matter how many collars and leashes we have, I always reach for Up Country since they stand the test of time and are great for any occasion! We also love that Up Country supports so many causes since Lucy, and I volunteer and donate to local non-profits whenever we can.”


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