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Miles Guarantees Smiles!

December 19, 2018

Miles models his spring Up Country attire.

Meet Miles! This three-year-old German Short-Haired Pointer is recognized for his ridiculously good looks and his play hard, snuggle harder attitude, which is all displayed on his popular Instagram @MilesOberlin.

Miles came into his family’s life when they were searching for an excellent running companion and a dog that would be sweet around future little ones. “We were deciding between a GSP, Weimaraner, and a Vizsla, but those spots were just too cute to pass up,” said Mile’s owner, Sydney. Today Miles has lived up to his breed’s expectations and has become an excellent running partner and the sweetest pup to his 5-month-old baby sister.

A couch and a toy, who could ask for more?

Miles’ popular Instagram came about when Sydney came across her coworker's dog’s Instagram @smuckersthedoodle. “I had a camera that I was determined to learn how to use. Making Miles' Instagram made me learn more about my camera and now I really enjoy taking photos of Miles, our family, and family/friend events.” In addition to Miles’ model status photos, Sydney also documents his love for tennis balls, running, tennis balls, bacon, eggs, more tennis balls, and of course his stylish accessories.

Beautiful and playful shots like this one, guarantee a smile every day!

If you’re following this handsome boy you’ll know that he loves to sport a variety Up Country designs. He can be spotted in our First Mate, Hydrangea, and Pupsicle designs. “Just like Up Country, Miles is stylish, lovable and fun!”

If you haven't already, head over to @MilesOberlin for an instant smile! #UpCountryDog


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