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Seven Dog Friendly Adventures

April 25, 2019

Get me outta here!  Well, spring is finally here, and everyone’s favorite pooches are clamoring for the door.  Who can blame them?  After being cooped up all winter long, even the heartiest of beasts long for some fresh air…and GRASS!  So, here are our Seven Dog Friendly Adventures with helpful resources to get those paws off pause.



If you’re looking for a trail to bring your dog to that won’t garner you glares from non-dog people, then here’s a great list of pet friendly trails by state:  And the cutest part?  They use a five-bone rating (vs. stars).  If you’d like to narrow down the results to a specific state, simply use the “Search Within Results” bar at the top.



Let’s be honest…it’s time for you and Fido to get off the social networks for a while and socialize in person/dog!  Dog parks and dog friendly beaches are a wonderful way to connect offline.  Make sure you follow the rules though.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your day a success: and here’s a fabulous list of parks and beaches in your state:



Did you know that Major League Baseball teams actually host DOG FRIENDLY GAMES?  Mind blown.  What a special treat it would be to enjoy America’s national pastime with your furbaby!  So, get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks ready because here’s the schedule so you can play ball!  Well, kind of…



Most farmer’s markets are open, airy, delightful venues that are ripe for wandering.  After all, most veggies are good for dogs too.  While shopping, here’s a list of the fruits and veggies that are good for your pup as well as the ones you should avoid:



While a dog’s sense of taste isn’t as advanced as human’s, their sense of smell is off the charts!  Treat them to a bevy of culinary aromas at a restaurant that caters to their presence and palate:


Dogs are patriotic too!  Their loyalty has been proven to be unwavering through countless wars, K9 policing, and more.  Hence, we’re sure a national park or two is on their bucket list.  Treat yourself to the splendor of our nation’s beauty while Fluffy checks out some new sights and smells:



Is it time to get the heck out of Dodge?  Plan an awesome spring getaway with the help of these pet friendly hotels:  Call ahead though to make sure they are truly pet friendly and ask about any upcharges for having your pet, if there’s a limit to how many pets you can bring and their breed, and for a copy of their official pet policy so everyone is on the same newspaper, er…page.


Now you can plan your whole adventure complete with baseball game, nature trail, restaurant, national park, and more with the information above – have fun!  

Happy 35th Birthday to Us!

April 3, 2019

Balloons, champagne and cupcakes, is there a better way to celebrate?

Last week, we traveled to sunny Orlando Florida to exhibit at Global Pet Expo. It is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show and customers come from around the world to see what is new and exciting in the pet industry.

Up Country owner Alice Nichols chooses the lucky raffle winner.

This year we kicked off our 35th anniversary celebration with a bang. Each afternoon we enjoyed champagne and cupcakes, which were frosted in Up Country green. Many of our friends from near and far came to remenisce about their early days and how we have all grown together over the years. We also raffled off merchandise each day to three lucky winners. Gone to the Dogs in Wakefield, MA, Woofgang Bakery in Fayetteville, NC and Barkers of Orleans in Chicopee, MA, all won $350.00 of Up Country merchandise to stock their stores for the new season.

Our friends Ralph, @ralphtheminicockapoo and Prissy and Pop @prissy_pig stopped by to say hi!

Our 35th anniversary is a special time for us to reflect on both where we are and how we got here. Our thanks to everyone who stopped by to share some laughs, champagne and stories about the old days. Stay tuned for more events to celebrate 35 years of fashion and fun!  


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