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Distinctive Products for Extraordinary Pets, that’s Cosmopawlitan!

June 27, 2019

Owner Marie and her dog Frankie.

Beautiful pet accessories, holistic dog food, and toys and treats galore, Cosmopawlitan Pet Boutique in Middletown, New Jersey has truly gone to the dogs. Located on NJ-35 in Middletown, Cosmopawlitan welcomes you and your furry friends to shop “high quality and purposeful products, along with a touch of whimsy, glitter, and glam,” says Marie.
Marie Northup, the store President, and Owner opened the store in 2001 when she was having a difficult time finding high-quality products for her then senior Golden Retrievers. It was at that time Marie spotted a specific storefront and declared, “I want that store.” From that point on, Marie took the necessary steps to make her dream a reality and left her job in finance to set out to offer the very best merchandise in the pet business.

Today, the carefully curated store offers not only everything you need for your pup but also cage free grooming services that guarantee a happy and clean dog upon pick up. Besides their full range of services, Marie is also committed to giving back. “We work with Rescue Ridge, a last chance animal shelter in New Jersey where we support events for them throughout the year,” says Marie. “They don’t have their own space, so they take available pups from other shelters and find foster homes for them to help socialize them and make the transition to their forever home successful.”

Lots of Up Country designs to choose from!

Cosmopawlitan also prides itself on their full range display of Up Country’s collars and leashes in an abundance of our fun designs. Their best Up Country seller? “The classic White and Black Polka Dot, and this year the new Heart of Gold design,” says Marie. They also carry Up Country’s Nantucket Slickers for when your pup has to (willingly or unwillingly) brave the rain.

Three very happy customers!

When asked Marie what her favorite part of the pet industry is, her response; “Number one, the dogs. When you’re dealing with pet parents, everyone is so sweet. The minute people come in the door saying “you’re going to think I’m crazy,” but in reality, you can instantly relate and help them solve their pet problems. It's so special when customers come in to share photos and updates when they move away and are in town visiting. It’s never working, it’s just a special place where you open up your store to friends where there is a common ground.”

So if you’re in the area stop by Cosmopawlitan, say hi to Marie, and find “Distinctive Products for Extraordinary Pets.”

Meet Rugby, Up Country’s June Dog Around Town

June 11, 2019

Rugby and dad Cam.

If you haven't discovered Rugby's popular Instagram account yet, we're excited to introduce you to this adorable, mini boxer today! Rugby is our featured June “Dog Around Town” ambassador, and we're chatting with his dad Cam, about his favorite things and how is his Instagram account @Rugbytheminiboxer started.

Rugby strikes a pose.

Nine years ago Rugby flew from Minneapolis to Texas where he would touchdown at DFW airport and become the star of his dad Cam's life. Over the past nine years, Rugby has enjoyed running (chasing squirrels) on The Katy Trail in Dallas, socializing with his doggie daycare friends, and never passing up the opportunity to run off leash at the park. “He is very passive and sweet, and like most boxers, he likes to show off his goofy side and is always making us laugh,” says Cam.

Favorite activity? Snuggling!

“Despite being so active outside, at home he's always up to snuggle, and because he was the runt of his litter, he's a big fan of burrowing.” When Rugby isn't resting his eyes and paws, he's showing off his tricks (sit, wait, shake and lay down), but only for a treat! We've been informed that rolling over is still a work in progress.

All of Rugby's adorable antics have been documented on his Instagram account @Rugbytheminiboxer, which was originally created for friends and family. “I decided early on that it would be all about him, and it wasn't long before he had thousands of followers. It's been a lot of fun to make new friends and connect with brands we love like Up Country.”

Rugby displays his Texas pride!

You can find Rugby sporting Up Country designs daily and his sense of style is captured through his growing collection of Up Country collars. “Rugby is usually wearing his Texas Up Country collar and showing off his home state's pride.” Rugby's active lifestyle and love for all things outdoors are no challenge to his durable and washable accessories.

For all things cute, head to Rugby's (AKA The Ruggles) Instagram account @Rugbytheminiboxer. You'll be sure to leave with a smile from this charming wiggle butt! #UpCountryDog


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