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Every Dog is Happy at Happy Dog Barkery!

August 29, 2019

Everyone loves a Happy Dog Barkery treat!

From an expansive dog bakery to the most durable pet toys, Happy Dog Barkery has everything for both you and your pet! In the early 2000's owner Beth Staley was struggling to find the right food for her allergy suffering Labrador. As an avid baker, Beth had a solution; she would home make her own food and treats for her four-legged friend. After a ton of success with her pup, Beth decided to leave corporate America and opened Happy Dog Barkery, where she offered the same homemade treats and cakes for the pet owners of Downers Grove, Illinois.

When Happy Dog Barkery opened in 2004, the store offered an abundance of homemade treats, toys, collars, bones, chews, and accessories while the other half of the store was dedicated to gifts for pet-loving humans. After a few years, Happy Dog Barkery made room for dog and cat food and treats, which you can find in-store today.

Upon entering the pet specialty retail store, you’ll be captivated by a beautiful bakery, making up about 30% of the store. The bakery includes custom cookies with designs like ladybugs, pizza slices, holiday themes, as well as wholesome and nutritious stews. Custom birthday cakes come in your choice of six flavors, from grain-free peanut butter to grain-free ginger molasses. The cakes are quite popular for those four-legged friends celebrating birthdays, gotcha days, and other special occasions. Customers residing in Illinois travel far and wide to pick up custom cakes, but lucky enough for the rest of us, cakes are shipped nationwide.

Up Country collar are a customer favorite.

Outside of the delicious baked goods, Happy Dog Barkery has offered Up Country collar and leads since the day they opened. “Our most popular Up Country designs are the Bella Floral, Nuts, and Up Country Plaid,” says Beth. Customers love coming in seasonally to get new accessories for their pets.

Aside from shopping the latest and greatest pet supplies, customers also enjoy giving rescue pups some love. “Every Saturday, we host a different local rescue where adoptable animals come in, and locals come in to have meet and greets. Our annual Ice Cream Social, benefits the Greyhound Alliance and the transport that brings Greyhounds from Florida to Illinois. This year we had 500 dogs come out to raise money and of course, enjoy dog-friendly ice cream!” In addition to the store’s commitment to doing good, Beth fosters dogs looking for their forever homes. In fact, Beth’s beagle and foster failure Kale Chips is a legend of his own after losing 85 lbs with the help of Beth’s homemade specialty diet, exercise, and of course, love!

High fives are Beth's favorite!

When we asked Beth what her favorite part of the pet industry was, her response; “I love getting to know the customers and their dogs. It’s fun to interact with them daily and see them with a new puppy or senior rescue dog and be a part of their lives from the beginning to the end. We help to keep your family members healthy and happy. The best part by far, though, is to be around dogs every day.”

If you are near Downers Grove, Illinois stop by Happy Dog Barkery and spoil your pets with the very best! “We make tails wag!”

Spotted! Up Country Ambassador Ernie the Dalmatian.

August 13, 2019

Ernie celebrates his birthday with a big lick.

We are excited to introduce our four-legged friend, Ernie, recognized for his beautiful black-spotted coat and his wildly popular Instagram account @ErnieSpotted.
This five-year-old Dalmatian was adopted from a farm in Missouri, where his Dad Zach, lived just a state over. “I’m originally from Illinois, so Ernie’s a Midwesterner just like me,” said Zach. Ernie was picked up right before Christmas, and “he’s been the best gift that I’ve ever received.”

Ernie checks out the seawall in Narragansett , Rhode Island.

Today you can spot Ernie romping around Boston, New England and beyond. “As a Dalmatian, Ernie has plenty of energy. He loves to run and play, especially outside in the park where he can go wild with other pups. Ernie can also cuddle with the best of them. He’s convinced he’s a lap dog and is always down for a snuggle sesh.” When Ernie isn’t meeting new friends and cuddling with his Dads, he’s snacking on some of his favorites like carrots, Twizzlers and the unavoidable, street meat.
Ernie’s big personality coupled with his incredibly good looks has earned him 16,800 dedicated fans on Instagram who enjoy following along on all of his adventures. The account initially started when Dad Zach thought of a more convenient way to update and share pictures of Ernie with friends and family. “After living all around the country and having friends and family everywhere, I figured creating an Instagram for Ernie was the best way to share his everyday life.”

Ernie is exhausted after learning so much at Phillips Academy.

If it wasn't easy enough to spot this handsome boy around town, his incredible fashion sense makes him a complete show stopper. “Ernie looks great in fun, trendy, high-quality gear. Up Country’s products are spot on style-wise, making the brand a great fit for him. Our favorite product is our Up Country’s slicker, which is as functional as it is fashionable!”
For more on this smart, sweet, and always curious boy, follow @ErnieSpotted and if you spot him in Boston, be sure to say hi! #UpCountryDog


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