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Introducing our Be Rescued Contest Grand Prize Winner!

June 3, 2014

We were overwhelmed by the responses to our Be Rescued Campaign in May.  From New York to Nevada, your stories were heartfelt, inspiring, and reminded us of how pets can truly change lives for the better – which is something we have always believed in and advocated for here at Up Country. 

For the next two weeks, we will be sharing these stories with you, along with pictures of the furry faces that have made a difference in their owner’s lives each and every day.  We encourage you to keep sharing your stories, as well as to provide shout-outs to the shelters that also make a difference. 

Thanks again to all who entered and to all the selfless individuals who advocate on behalf of animals.  Without you, he campaign to Be Rescued would never have been possible!

Grand Prize Winner – Kate Frederick and Leah

I always tell everyone that Leah is the rescue pup who rescued me. In the fall of 2011, while suffering from depression and chronic back pain, my husband and I adopted Leah from Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. I fell in love.

At the time, I was miserable with my current employment, which I had spent 6 years working towards, earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees. I was emotionally eating and drinking, which caused me to gain more weight than I'd ever gained in my life, as I'd always been an athlete. I was also dealing with back pain, caused by an injury, but only made worse by my depression and subsequent inactivity. I decided that a major life change was needed, so I racked my brain for what I was passionate about and where I found true contentment.

My epiphany was the simple act of walking Leah: nature, exercise, fresh air, the joy on Leah's face, and her wagging tail. The catharsis resulting from walking my rescue dog inspired me to become active again, get back in shape, lose 25 pounds, and start my own dog walking business, Dog Walks of Canaan. None of this would have happened without Leah.

I can honestly say that she rescued me from my depression and enabled me to fight for my happiness again. She is truly the rescue pup who rescued me - she saved my life and I will forever be grateful!


Kate and Leah chose the “Mom” collar and lead – dog moms rule!


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