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Retailer of the Month- Lucky Dog Barkery

February 18, 2016

Marsha Lindsey spent 28 years in the Telecommunications industry and one day left her corporate executive job to explore something completely different. In 2005 Marsha set out to open her very own pet store, but not just any pet store. She had a clear vision and a particular atmosphere that she wanted to accomplish with the Lucky Dog Barkery.

Her vision was inspired by fond memories she created from spending time at her Uncle’s general store in rural Oklahoma. His shop had a sense of community, a sense of trust and was truly a “neighborhood store”. After much consideration and planning, Marsha opened Lucky Dog Barkery in the Plaza at Preston Center in Dallas, TX.

Eleven years, three expansions and relocations (within the plaza) later Lucky Dog Barkery has become a destination store that “a dog would build if he could.” Marsha turned her vision into a reality; decorating with antiques, beautiful dog inspired artwork and capturing the homey feel of a true neighborhood place.

Marsha makes sure the space is always stocked with the highest quality food made in the US—all made with wholesome, organic and some raw ingredients. Lucky Dog also has tons of fun, enjoyable and durable toys. There are beds stacked to the ceiling and even a section for your fur friends birthday goods. It wouldn't be complete without natural treats and of course, the most stylish gear.

Marsha has been carrying Up Country products since she opened the store in 2005. Marsha explains, “There are only a few things I never want to run out of, one being the Pink Gingham collar, the other being the Up Country Plaid collar and finally Lucky Dog Barkery’s very own custom Texas collars.”

Oh! And did we mention Lucky Dog’s 1955 milk truck? On special occasions the milk truck will hand out samples and free products outside of the store, at dog parks and other special events. The truck has become a symbol of the store and a tail wagging sight for our 4 legged friends.

Marsha’s policy: No dog is to ever leave the Lucky Dog Barkery without a biscuit. Stop by and visit our friends at the Lucky Dog Barkery and say hello. Your pup will thank you!


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