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Dexter’s Deli - The Natural Choice!

August 31, 2017

Tori Rosay, owner of Dexter's Deli.

In 1996, Tori Rosay opened Dexter’s Deli, the neighborhood pet health food store serving Del Mar, California. Tori’s passion for natural health, previous experience in the human health food industry, and love for animals, specifically her beloved mutt Dexter, was the drive behind the store.

It was no surprise that the store’s focus on proper nutrition for dogs and cats immediately took off, and customers were ecstatic when they saw their pets thrive with better eating. With one success under her belt, Tori opened a store in Carlsbad and then her third store in North Park, California.

While all the stores focus on natural alternative diets, nutritional information, homemade foods, USA made collars, and unique toys, each store has a very different demographic. “Our first store located in the beach city in San Diego County, often serves celebrities and those who expect an ever changing inventory of trend-setting products that are new to the market”, says Dexter’s Deli’s Customer Consultant, Stephanie. “Many customers who shop at our Carlsbad store have ranches, acres and acres of land, and multiple animals, while our new North Park store is a lot more urban, hip, and up and coming.”

Collars made in Rhode Island and PupCakes made in California!

“It’s also important to note that the Dexter’s Deli team focuses on American made products, which is why we have been carrying Up Country Inc. for as long as I can remember. Sturdy collars leads and harnesses are something all our customers come in for. The NEW Donuts pattern flies off our shelves, as well as Bella Floral, Seaglass, and in our North Park store, the Safari style because we are so close to the San Diego Zoo. It’s a typical sight to see a customer come in to get another pattern because they want a new look, and they know Up Country products are going to last.

A beautiful selection of products provide the best in health and style for your pup!

Aside from Dexter’s Deli’s beautifully curated assortment of products, the team is also committed to giving back to local rescues and shelters. In 2016 Dexter’s Deli teamed up with Thrive Animal Shelter’s Flooded with Love campaign to assist the animals affected by the floods in Louisiana. Dexter’s Deli donated $1,000 of PureVita food, as well as Up Country’s #Rescue collars for each animal. Dexter’s Deli is also committed to supporting a number of rescues including, Frosted Faces, PAWS San Diego, Baja Animal Sanctuary, San Diego Humane Society and more.

“What I enjoy most about the pet industry, is the constant engagement with pets and the individuals who love animals as much as we do”, Stephanie says. “I thoroughly enjoy showing customers the amazing products that are out there, specifically collars. I love to outfit their pets with new gear and suggest they get a new collar for their beauty. New products always make everyone feel special.”

A lucky Dexter's Deli customer can't wait to dig in.

Don’t wait, head over to Dexter’s Deli in North Park, Del Mar, or the Carlsbad location to learn more about holistic pet health, shop U.S. made products, and let your pet receive all the love and attention from Dexter’s Deli’s passionate team. 


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