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The Best of Everything Can be Found at Treats Unleashed

November 8, 2018

The yummiest treats can be found at Treats Unleashed!

What started as a batch of homemade dog treats in 2002 at a mall kiosk by Ian and his wife Teresa Miller, has since turned into 12 dog boutique locations over the past 16 years. The first Treats Unleashed store opened in Chesterfield, MO focusing on high-quality treats and locally made products. After the first store was born, Treats Unleashed has expanded to 10 shops in St. Louis, as well as a location in Columbia, Missouri and Leawood, Kansas.

Teresa snuggles with a very cute customer.

Today Treats Unleashed offers something for both the cat and dog lovers and owners. Each store adapts to its community and serves the right products according to demand and over the years, observations on customers needs. When you stop at Treats Unleashed you will find an abundance of high-quality dog and cat food, Treats Unleashed specialty treats, U.S. made toys and beds, grooming and self-service dog washes, as well as Up Country inc. accessories. “We’ve been carrying Up Country Inc. for the past ten years,” says Communication Coordinator, Tom Bazzle. We rotate five to six collar patterns through the stores at one time and have quite a few that are extremely popular amongst our customers. We also have Up Country’s Cat and Dog Treat Boxes in stores, that our customers enjoy.”

Plenty of Up Country to choose from!

To top it all off, Treats Unleashed locations host many popular events that the communities adore. The most important and wildly popular, adoption meet and greets in partnership with local rescues, happen almost every weekend and it’s a way to get more rescue dogs and cats seen. The stores also host holiday events like Easter egg hunts in the spring, Apple pie eating contests for 4th of July, and more.

We asked Tom what his favorite part of the pet industry is, his reply; “I’ve been working at Treats Unleashed for five years, and the best part of the business is the constant interaction with pets and those who love them. It’s great to be working with a small company, and the amazing customers who create the community in our stores.”

So if you are in or around St. Louis, or Leawood, Kansas stop by Treats Unleashed for a true one-stop-shop experience! #UpCountryRetailer


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