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Two Too-Cute Cocker Spaniels Heal Two Broken Hearts

August 14, 2017

Heartbreak struck Susan and Joel Greenberg when they lost their beloved Cocker Spaniel Puddles, a month before her 11th birthday, due to cancer. “When we lost her, we couldn't breathe. We so terribly missed the sound of nails scratching against the floor, tags clanging, and of course, puppy kisses. We knew it wouldn't be long until we had another dog in the house, but at that time it was too much to bear.”


Marley strikes a pose for the camera.

After a few weeks went by Susan contacted her cousin who is involved in the New Jersey rescue scene to ask questions pertaining to adopting a rescue dog. With their questions answered, Susan and Joel decided adopting a dog was the route they wanted to pursue. However, after meeting two Cocker Spaniels a few weeks apart, both rescues realized Susan and Joel weren't ready. Then Susan stumbled upon an Animatch Dog Adoption video where she first laid eyes on Marley, who was five and 1/2-years old at the time. “Marley stole my heart right then and there; I loved him already. Two days later we went down to the rescue, signed the adoption papers and brought him home that day.”

A trying few months followed as Susan and Joel adjusted to Marley’s severe separation anxiety, preventing them from leaving him alone, ever. Their lives had to change dramatically. However, after time, trust and training, things improved little by little, and today Marley is a laid back, affectionate, eight and 1/2-year-old pup.  

Woody keeps an eye out for squirrels and anything else that he can chase!

After toying with the idea to adopt another Cocker Spaniel, it wasn't until Susan saw an Animatch volunteer and Animatch mom’s post about Woody that she knew they would soon be a household of four. “Joel and I drove close to two hours to meet him and his foster Dad, who is part of Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue. Marley then met Woody on neutral ground and got to know each other, and got along famously from the start. Woody came home on March 5th, 2016. The saying “Who Rescued Who” perfectly describes our feeling for adopting our two boys.”


Susan and Joel with their two beloved pups.

Today, the boys love watching for squirrels and rabbits out of the window, playing with their toys, frolocking in the snow, napping and cuddling up together and with their humans, visiting family and friends, and long car rides. They also love their walks, especially when they are walking side by side. Susan makes sure to document their adorable adventures and posts photos to their account known as @pudnuckers, a nickname for the late Puddles. “I've made a lot of friends through my membership in two American Cocker Spaniel groups on both Facebook and Instagram and have become aware of some excellent companies, like Up Country.”


Woody and Marley are always on the lookout for fun and adventure!

“I first discovered Up Country when we brought Marley home, and he was wearing a collar that had been donated to his rescue. When we adopted Woody, I ordered him the #Rescue collar and leash, and it is the perfect fit. We love Up Country because of the quality, the look, the feel, and of course all the different patterns. Marley and Woody are Up Country dogs as they are beyond special, and in our minds, priceless. The same way we feel about your products; they are special, soft to touch, and my boys deserve to wear special accessories; beauty for my beauties.”

Marley and Woody, the best of friends!

For more on these beloved companion pups, head over to @pudnuckers on Instagram and Susan Thaw Greenberg on Facebook. We promise this adorable duo will bring a smile to your face.


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